Gluten Free Menu

River Kwai has over 30 gluten free dishes available on the menu.  Please ask our staff when ordering as some items that are not usually gluten free can be made gluten free on request.

We understand that Gluten free food must be 100% Gluten free!! You can feel assured that we will do our best to take care of your dietary requirements.

The following items can be made gluten free on request…..

Tod Mun Pla (4pce)

Thai fishcakes with green bean and kaffir lime leaf served on a salad with cucumber coriander, sweet chilli and crushed peanuts

Gai Tod

Thai battered crispy chicken strips served with aromatic sweet chilli sauce


Sai Grorg Isaan

Traditional Thai Sausages, homemade with pork, sticky rice and seasonings served with fresh ginger, white cabbage and chilli



Tom Yum Soup Vegetarian (Tofu)/Chicken/Prawn

Aromatic soup with tomato, mushrooms, baby corn, coriander and naam prik phaw         

Tom Kha Soup Vegetarian (Tofu) Chicken/Prawn

Classic Thai soup with galanga, tomato, mushroom, baby corn coriander and coconut cream

Tom Yum Talay – HOT POT (serves 4-6 people)                                                                   

Tom Yum soup with half crab, whole prawns, half shell mussels, fish fillet, squid, scallops, mushrooms, tomato and coriander served in hot pot

Thai and Burmese Salads (Main course size)

Laab Nir (Beef Salad) GF

Medium rare beef flatiron steak (220 gm) thinly sliced and served with a punchy Thai dressing with ground toasted rice, red onion, cherry tomato, cabbage and mint

Laab Ped (Duck salad)

Tender roasted duck breast tossed in a selection of mixed herbs and cherry tomato served on a bed of lettuce and lime dressing

Lat Thoke Nge Phe (Fishcake Salad)

Mouth watering Burmese salad with sliced fishcake, tomato, lettuce, grated carrot, roasted basin flour, cucumber, coriander, shallot and tamarind dressing

Som Tum Thai

Shredded green Papaya salad pounded with chilli, garlic, snake beans, tomato, roasted peanuts and dried shrimp with a palm sugar and lime dressing served with fresh cabbage

Som Tum Pboo

Shredded green Papaya salad pounded with chilli, garlic, snake beans, tomato, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp and salted crab with a palm sugar and lemon dressing served with crispy soft shell crab

Laphet Thoke

Traditional Burmese salad with pickled tea leaves, crispy fried mixed nuts and lentils, dried shrimp, garlic, chilli and tomato


Pad Thai Vegetarian (Tofu) / Beef/ Pork/ Chicken / Prawn

Rice noodles stir fried with egg, bean shoots, carrot, cabbage and preserved daikon in a delicious tamarind stir-fry sauce serves with crushed peanut, garlic chives and lime wedge

Mohinga (Burmese)

Rice noodle fish soup with traditional Burmese condiments. Egg, snake bean, crispy lentils, fresh herbs and lime

Thai Curries

Green Curry                  

Vegetarian (Tofu)/Beef/Chicken or Pork Prawn or Seafood

Fragrant green curry with Bamboo shoot

Thai eggplant, carrot, red capsicum and sweet basil leaves

Red Curry                     

Vegetarian (Tofu)/Beef/Chicken or Pork  Prawn or seafood

Thai red curry chicken with bamboo, pumpkin, beans, red capsicum and basil leaves

Masaman Beef curry                    

A southern style curry with slow cooked Prime MSA Beef, potato and pineapple

Penang Curry                

Vegetaria (Tofu)/Beef/Chicken Pork                                                                                                                                             

Creamy red curry with snake beans, baby peas and kaffir lime leaf

Gang Phet Ped Yang                                                                                    

Fresh roasted Duck breast in a creamy red curry sauce with whole cherry tomato,

bamboo, lychee, snow peas and basil

Burmese Curries

Lamb Curry (Thoe Thar Masala Hin)   

 Tender slow cooked lamb pieces in Traditional Burmese curry sauce (potato optional)

Chicken and Potato Curry (Kyak Thar Arloo Hin)

Marinated Chicken breast sliced and Potato cooked in Burmese Curry sauce

Burmese Vegetable Curry (Pakla Hin)

Slow cooked Potato, yellow split peas, cauliflower and bean in Burmese Curry Sauce with a touch of masala and curry leaves

Stir Fry

Pad Grapow Vegetarian (Tofu)/Beef/Chicken or Pork Prawn

Chilli, Sweet Thai basil, green bean, onion, garlic, mushroom and capsicum

Pad Med Vegetarian (Tofu)/Chicken or Beef

Stir fried with capsicum, broccoli, onion, garlic, spring onions and cashew nuts serve with whole dried chilli (it is a very mild dish)

Pad Khing Vegetarian (tofu)/Beef/Chicken or Pork

Stir fried with fresh ginger strips, wood ear mushroom, spring onion, carrot and capsicum

Pad Prew Wahn Vegetarian (Tofu)/chicken or Pork

Stir fried with zucchini, tomato, baby corn, cauliflower, spring onion and capsicum in a Thai sweet and sour sauce

Pad pug Vegetarian (Tofu)/Chicken/Beef  Prawn or Seafood

Stir fried with selected vegetables and stir fry sauce

Pad Prik Phow Vegetarian (Tofu) or Chicken Prawn or Seafood

Stir fried with selected vegetables, toasted chilli jam and stir fry sauce

Nir gratiem (Pepper Beef)

MSA tender sliced beef rump with pickled peppercorns, capsicums, onion, garlic and spring onion


River Kwai Seafood and specials

Saam Rod Choice of  Fish fillet, Prawn or Seafood Fresh Market Fish (Whole)

Crispy choice of seafood top with saute diced capsicum, tomato, onion and mushroom in three flavour sauce

Seafood Curry (Burmese)

Mixed seafood of half crab, mussels in shell, fish fillet, scallops and squid cooked in tomato   and Burmese curry sauce

Prawn and Potato Curry (Burmese) Pazoon Arloo Hin

Whole prawns cooked in Burmese curry sauce, tomato paste, coriander and Potato

Sizzling HOT PLATE Vegetarian (Tofu), Beef, Chicken or Pork Prawn or Seafood

Stir fry with onion, garlic, capsicum, mushroom, carrot and special sauce serve on bed of bean shoot sprinkled with sesame seed

Fragrant Thai Jasmine Rice
Coconut rice

Thai Jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk with kaffir lime and coconut meat

Fried Rice Vegetarian (Tofu), Beef, Chicken or Pork Seafood or Prawn                                                                                                                                                 Fried jasmine rice with egg, snow peas, peas, Chinese cabbage and carrot


Chilli Chocolate mousse

With 70% coverture chocolate serve with award winning Ricketts point Macadamia Dulce Ice cream

Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta

With mango coulis and Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Custard

Baked coconut and palm sugar custard with mango ice cream and coconut chips